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RG10A Descender hub inc handle
RG10A Descender hub inc handle
RG10A Descender hub inc handle
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RG10A Descender hub inc handle (D63)
code: D63
certification: EN341 (A)
Automatic constant rate descenders (CRD's) are designed for emergency situations where rapid evacuation is required. It can be used for self rescue or for the rescue of others.

CRD's can be used for single or repeat descents for 1 or 2 person loads. The mechanism can work in either direction, allowing each subsequent evacuee to use the alternate end of the rope during consecutive descents.

The device is fitted with a handle which can be used to raise casualties a short distance. The handle parks away into the device hub for descent operation.

A friction stud is provided to give additional control when lowering a person and a locking device allows the descent to be halted at any time.

CRD's are for emergency situations only and NOT for use as fall protection equipment.

Max descent: 300m 1 person, 160m 2 person
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